Christmas Decorations

This past week I worked on some Christmas decorations using the embroidery machine. I decided the more things I made, the better I would get using the machine. So, candy cane holders were my first items to make. 

The bows are very easy to make and available from the EmbroideryIt Etsy Shop HERE. Look under candy holders to see all the others she has. I am going to work on the gingerbread man holders today. The horse pattern was from Embroidery Garden  and was fun to make. Adding these to the Folded Star Ornaments I showed in the last post will give me quite a few ornaments to put up for sale at The Yellow Window.

Do you make ornaments for Christmas trees or package decorations? Which one(s) was the most fulfilling to make?


Apple Cake for Sewing Day

Thursday was Friends' Sewing Day with Teri and Gloria at my house. The hostess bakes a mid-morning snack. I had apples. I did a Google search using "easy apple cake." The recipe I chose was Easy Apple Cake HERE.

I made it the night before and had to have a taste. It was moist and tasted very good.

Lunch was Cabbage Roll soup that Teri made...and was it good! 

We did more chatting than quilting, but that is part of getting together. Gloria got the binding sewn on to her quilt and took it home to hand sew it to the back. I forgot to ask her for a picture. It is a double bed-size, huge and  colorful Lemoyne Star on a black background. Teri layered a small fall panel and did some free-motion quilting around the scarecrow.

I had bindings to sew to potholders. Eight simple potholders that I quilted with serpentine stitching on the diagonal after layering backing, front and 2 layers of batting. 

I finished 3 Michigan potholders. 

Today, I watched a video at Nancy's Notions on how to make folded fabric star ornaments using heavyweight interfacing (which I had ordered last week and it arrived today). The video is located below the picture of the ornaments in a small box. Last year I had tried making one of these ornaments using batting and folded fabrics and was a bit frustrated. The method shown in the video made it so easy. I even used my circular cutter to cut the interfacing!

And I got 2 done (only need buttons in centers) in about 20 minutes. I'm planning to make more for Christmas decorations. And what a way to use up scraps and leftover pieces. I even figured out how to make them different sizes.

What have you been crafting?


Four-In-Art Challenge Reveal

Illumination and Light, the theme for the 4th quarter reveal of the Four-in-Art challenge this year. Our online group has been creating quilted projects this year under the general theme of LIGHT, with ILLUMINATION as the sub-theme for this quarter. 

I found this sub-theme tough. When I searched the word "illumination," the medieval art of illuminating books was foremost in the results. I was thinking along the lines of light bulbs shining on a performance stage, a book while reading, a window, and many more concepts. 

I chose some photos I had taken. I liked the sun shining on the tops of trees. I really liked the lighthouse at night, and an evening sunset as we finished fishing on Lake Michigan. 

My idea was to use sun and trees. Using a shimmery bridal fabric I combined techniques I learned in classes from Ann Lovelace and Lenore Crawford

Illuminating Sunlight is the name I gave my quilt. The use of the bridal fabric gave it the illumination I imagined.

This is the final reveal for the Four-in-Art quilters' group. The group started 5 years ago. I joined in 2013. The founders are looking toward new quilting adventures. I have enjoyed working with this wonderful group of quilters and on the quarterly challenges. I have gained friends. I have tried new quilting techniques. I have learned so many concepts of art and quilting as we have shared our pieces over the years. I am thankful to have been a member of Four-in-Art quilt group.

Please visit the other Four-in-Art members' posts listed below. 

Nancy (That's me, you are here!)

But there is good news!

A few of us have signed on to a new quilt art group started by two of our members. 'The Endeavourers' will be revealing their first theme projects on February 1, 2018, with 14 quilters in the group. I look forward to this quilt art group as we show how we "embody the spirit of our quilts." I hope you will stop back to see what I have to reveal on February 1! 


Pattern Winner Announced

Alas, the blog hop Enter If You Dare has ended. It was so fun visiting the bloggers' posts to see what they had made for Halloween. Each of the projects was amazing. I got so many ideas! I hope you were able to choose a few ideas to make for future Halloweens. 

Thank you all who visited my blog and my Facebook page, too.

Thank you to Marian of Seams To Be Sew for organizing this blog hop. I am looking forward to joining her next hop project! Many thanks, also, go to the sponsors, Fat Quarter Shop and Timeless Treasures for their wonderful giveaways! You can check Seams To Be Sew to see the winners. 

I had a giveaway of my own. Rafflecopter randomly chose a winner today. Edith G. entered and left a comment to my request: "tell me what color scraps you would sew together and what you would fuse onto that "new" fabric." 

I will email Edith the three patterns (pictured below) I have designed. All are available at Patternspot.com along with other patterns I have written. 

 Woven Fabric Christmas Stocking

 Wavy Panel Pattern

 1-2-3 Sew Easy Throw Quilt

The comments to my question were marvelous ideas. I encourage each of you to try the ideas you wrote. I think you will all have wonderful quilted items. And as one person mentioned: "It is a free quilt" because you are using scraps you might have tossed!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

"It's not safe to venture out 
as goblins and witches are all about 
on Hallowe'en." (unknown)

 Although Halloween is still 13 days away,
I invite you to 
"Enter If You Dare" 
and see what treat I have in store 
for your quilting pleasure today. 

Marian from Seams To Be Sew had invited quilters to join her in a blog hop where we would share 
with you information about Halloween quilty item(s) we made. There are 19 bloggers participating in this blog hop.

Halloween is one of Marian's favorite holidays
so she is providing a free pattern each day on her blog.
The patterns she provides are free for only 24 hours!

Plus two wonderful sponsors have offered giveaways. 
Timeless Treasures has 5 lovely bundles of Fat Quarters (one for each day)
The Fat Quarter Shop has an amazing $75.00 gift certificate to give away during this event.

I also have a giveaway I am providing to one entrant
It is PDFs patterns for 3 of my own patterns. 

All the giveaway details are found at the end of my post. 


is a scrappy table runner.

The backing is some fabric from my stash.
I had just enough for the back. 


I wanted the Jack-O-Lantern faces to appear as if they are floating 
on the table runner in a ghostly manner. 


This project came about after I cut all my orange scraps 
into various quilt pieces using my Accuquilt dies. 
I sewed the leftover pieces together this way and that way,
forming 4 (somewhat) square blocks of "new" fabric.
I trimmed these "new" fabric blocks to 12" squares and sewed them together.
The table runner is 12" x 48". 
I fused Steam-A-Seam Lite to the back of black fabric
and cut out shapes for Jack-O-Lantern eyes, noses, and mouths.
They were fused to the scrappy orange background. 
I layered the backing, batting and top and quilted a pumpkin shape 
around each of the Jack-O-Lantern faces, adding a stem as I came to the tops. 
I stippled the space around all the Jack-O-Lanterns. 
I added some ridges, like pumpkins have, to the inside of the Jack-O-Lantern outlines. 
The binding is black fabric.

I like using all the scraps of fabric I accumulate from quilting. 
This project has given me ideas for using 
those tiny leftovers from Accuquilt die cutting for 
green table runners with flowers flowing along it,
blue with stars, or sea shells and starfish, 
red with black polka dots,
and I am sure more will come to mind! 

Now for the giveaways! 
There are Giveaway Rules to read at the bottom of this post for all who enter.
Timeless Treasures October 19 a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have a giveaway of my own.
PDFs of 3 of my own pattern designs.
(Please remember to leave an email so I can
contact you if you are chosen to win the giveaway!) 

Click the Rafflecopter below,
Please leave a comment, telling me what color scraps you would sew together and what you would fuse onto that "new" fabric. Then click the button that says "I commented." 
I will announce the Rafflecopter winner at the end of the 

Please visit the others participating in this blog hop.

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